SAP Upgrade/Migration

SAP Upgrade - The Best Choice for Business Transformation

As businesses grow and evolve, they require a robust and scalable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to support their operations. In recent years, such solutions have emerged as the preferred choice for businesses looking to transform their operations and scale effectively. Explore the range of benefits of SAP migration, as well as the different key considerations for SAP upgrade for Hong Kong businesses below.

4 Key Benefits of SAP Migration


Cloud enterprise solutions are designed to accelerate go-live and user adoption. These solutions offer rapid global deployments and can be flexibly scaled to meet the changing needs of a business. This means that through SAP migration, businesses can implement new functionalities and capabilities quickly and easily, without having to invest in significant infrastructure or IT resources.

Predictable & Lower TCO

Enterprise solutions offer a shift from CapEx to OpEx, reducing the need for IT administrative tasks, and eliminating the need for infrastructure investment. This results in a predictable, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) over time after your SAP migration. The solutions are also designed to be highly scalable, allowing businesses to adjust their capacity as needed, and avoid overprovisioning resources.

Continuous Innovation

Such solutions are agile and can allow rapid innovation cycles. They offer the latest capabilities and best practices, ensuring that businesses can stay ahead of the curve and keep up with regulatory changes after your SAP upgrade in Hong Kong. This means that businesses can focus on innovation and growth, rather than managing their IT infrastructure, which will give them an edge over the competition.

Simple - Reliable - Safe

After SAP migration, these solutions are easy to configure and extend, making them highly flexible and adaptable to the unique needs of a business. They are fully managed by a trusted third-party provider, ensuring reliability and uptime. Additionally, SAP upgrade can offer complete data security and protection, because solutions are hosted in secure data centers with robust backup and recovery systems, ensuring that data is always available and safe.

Considerations for SAP Upgrade, for Hong Kong Business



Before SAP migration, it is essential to consider the standardization of the enterprise solution. This includes industry benchmarking, proven best practices, and value-driven end-to-end process design.

“Leaders with world-class cloud operations can achieve up to 75% reduction in their complexity.”

“Simplifying the value chain after the SAP upgrade was essential to promote our overseas strategy and integrate business processes around the world.”

Takuya Sakai, Managing Director, Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation


Security & Trust

Security and trust are critical considerations before going forward with SAP migration. It is essential to choose a trusted provider with embedded compliance and security. The solution should offer 24/7 scalable support, and the data should be hosted in worldwide data centers and hyperscalers.

“Privacy, cybersecurity, and data ethics are top priorities for CIOs, and a solution that is not on-premises should address these concerns.”

“After the SAP upgrade, we established a digital foundation with the agility, availability, and security we need.”

Edward Alarcon Ninapaytan,CIO,Hochschild Mining PLC



Flexibility is another critical factor to consider before SAP upgrade for Hong Kong companies. After the SAP migration, the solution should offer a range of local versions and languages, full and native line of business (LoB) and industry scope, plus extensions. With more than 360 interfaces, businesses can ensure that their unique needs are met.

“Understanding the challenges of the business and the particular demand of the industry is essential to get the most out of SAP migration.”

“RPC began by building our Digital Financial Core through an SAP upgrade[..]. The solution facilitates our vertically aligned business to grow globally and innovate over time. The real-time insights will enable our teams to be agile in decision making.”

Alexandra Thorogood, Enterprise Solution Program Manager, RPC Technologies


Innovation & Scalability

Innovation and scalability are critical considerations in SAP migrations. The solution should offer an outstanding experience and embedded intelligence, with quarterly innovations out-of-the-box. It should also be extendable via Cloud.

“Firms need to reposition the cloud within their organizations as the fundamental element of competitive technology operations to enable innovation.”

"We need data to assist our company in decision-making. The intelligent solution enabled by the SAP upgrade is the best choice to help our growth in the long run.”

Xu Zhengkang, Chairman and General Manager, Guangzhou Shuangqiao Company Ltd.

Further TCO reduction with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

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When considering the TCO as a result of the SAP upgrade for Hong Kong businesses, it is essential to compare on-premises solutions with those in the Cloud. On-premises solutions typically require significant upfront investments in hardware and software, ongoing costs for application subscription, and continuous improvement and upgrade projects.

In contrast, the latter type of solutions offers a lower TCO after SAP migration, as there are no infrastructure investments required, and ongoing costs are typically included in the subscription fee. According to research, the seven-year TCO of on-premises solutions is 67%, while the TCO of solutions that are not is 33%. This means that businesses can significantly reduce their overall costs through SAP migration.

An SAP Upgrade will Transform Your Business

SAP migration offers a range of benefits over on-premises solutions, including speed, lower TCO, continuous innovation, and reliability. When selecting a solution, businesses should consider standardization, security and trust, flexibility, innovation and scalability, and TCO reduction. Through an SAP upgrade, businesses can transform their operations, scale effectively, and stay ahead of the competition.

100% On Premise ERP
7-Yeaar TCO as % of total
67% Cloud ERP
Upfront investment (HW/SW)
Ongoing costs (HW/SW)
Application subscription
Continuous improvement projects
Upgrade projects

Source: SAP Performance Benchmarking, based on data from over 300 companies


Such solutions are hosted on cloud, and can be accessed over the internet. One example is our S/4HANA solution, which can be used for SAP upgrades or migration. This solution is especially popular in Hong Kong for its flexibility and scalability.

It offers a range of benefits for Hong Kong businesses engaged in many sectors, including enhanced speed, flexibility, continuous innovation, and reliability. They are also highly scalable and can be flexibly scaled to meet the changing needs of a business.

Businesses can ensure the security of their data during an SAP upgrade by choosing a trusted provider with embedded compliance and security measures. They should also ensure that the data is hosted in secure data centers with robust backup and recovery systems, and that the SAP migration and solution is compliant with all applicable local data privacy regulations.

When deciding to pursue an SAP upgrade, Hong Kong businesses should definitely consider factors such as standardization, security and trust, flexibility, innovation and scalability, and total cost of ownership. It is also important to consider local language and regulatory requirements in Hong Kong but the SAP migration.

An SAP upgrade can help businesses achieve digital transformation by providing a scalable, flexible, and secure platform for their operations. It can also enable businesses to access the latest technologies and capabilities and stay ahead of the competition on their way to success.

Innovation is definitely a key consideration factor for many businesses, no matter their industry, as such solutions offer continuous updates and improvements to keep up with their changing business and industry needs, as well as any regulatory requirements. After SAP upgrades, businesses can typically enjoy the benefits from the latest technologies and best practices, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and achieve digital transformation.

Yes, and this is definitely one of its highlights and key benefits. A solution that is not on-premises can be customized for specific business needs during an SAP upgrade. The solution offers full and native line of business (LoB) and industry scope, plus a range of extensions and more than 360 interfaces, to ensure that businesses can meet their unique and changing needs.