SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now

Quick-to-deploy software for easy-to-create training, documentation and in-application guidance for virtually any software or process

Enable cost-effective content creation,mautomated content updates, localization, publishing and more

Optimisecreation of project& training documentation

Increase ROI and lower TCO for customers

Streamlines both your internal & external production and delivery processes = richer content, lower cost and faster productivity for your customer

Maximize workforce knowledge andproductivity from day one with multiple enablement formats. Ensure knowledge retention via in-application delivery

Decrease risk of customer project fail

Expand market footprint & add new revenue streams

Expand into new markets and generate new revenue streams by embedding a proven, flexible tool for developing training and performance support. Add both services and licences revenue!.

SAP Enable Now provides a great value to our ERP customers. The solution improves end-user adoption and retention, and becomes a valuable tool for the product training

Jay Ramakrishnam, Sr. Product Manager,

Epicor Software Corporation

Complete, intuitive authoring of all training material

Create and embed step-by-step training within your application
Learn on the job with in-application training
The intuitive process recorder lets you capture your processes and create training on any topic
Record any business process or transaction
Simplified training and documentation workflow accelerates customer adoption and ROI for new upgrades and solutions
Stay productive during business and technology change
Help your customers stay competitive with automatic content maintenance + localization, reducing your TCO
Constantly improve with cost-effective,targeted training

Get your customer’s workforce productive on the very first day of a business change.

SAP Enable Now helps you help your customers get more value out of their technology investments – and simplify software training across the enterprise.

To learn more, contact your SAP OEM Account Executive to arrange a demo & business case evaluation.

“It’s a far superior product to what the competition had, and it has improved the overall quality and satisfaction with our projects.”

Peter Orton, Vice President, Illumiti