Finance and Accounting Management

Finance and Accounting Management

Digitalize your financial processes

Advancing digitalization, the latest generation of SAP ERP products S/4HANA offers possibilities to convert your financial processes into digital workflows, more quickly and more transparently.

Finance and Accounting Management

Financial Planning and Analysis

  • End-to-end profitability analysis from products to customer
  • Predictive forecasts and dynamic simulations
  • Multidimensional reporting of ongoing operations
  • Accelerated group planning cycles
  • Rapid prototyping of new business models with process analyses

Accounting and Financial Close

  • Instant profit/loss insights and real-time cost controlling
  • Integrated regulatory and business reporting
  • Reduced reconciliation to centralized financial instance

Treasury and Financial Risk Management

  • Instant visibility of working capital
  • Real-time liquidity planning
  • Greater transparency for foreign currency risks
  • Automated payment processes

Organizational Change

  • Mapping of accounting processes to map changes in the enterprise organization
  • Carve-in, carve-out, merger, departmental consolidation

Flexible analyses

Prescribed reporting periods for financial accounting and reporting (month, quarter, year) highly restrict the management options for rapidly changing scenarios. We will work with you on daily reports, planning, and simulation options so you can be prepared for any exceptional circumstances.

Mastering transaction-based processes with approval steps in a modern, mobile work environment is a major challenge, and will remain so in the coming years. IVC can give you end-to-end support, thanks to our SAP system and process expertise in financials.